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» » » English Weekend Program of MAN Patas English Club

(MAN Patas – Kemenag Buleleng) One of programs of MAN Patas English Club is English weekend. Sunday, October 26th 2014 we went to Sanur and Kuta beach for practice our language skill. At 05.45 AM we went from MAN Patas by 3 cars. That was an exciting trip, because at the trip we could see beautiful object, exactly Buritan Lake. It was our first experience so it was amazing. At Buritan Lake we had breakfast and took a rest. After that we continue our trip. For three hours we arrived to the first object Sanur beach at 10.00 AM.
english weekend

Sanur beach was one of famous place in Bali Island and those place very famous in the world. Sanur beach one of main objects for the tourist. At Sanur beach we had been given time for two hours to practice our language skill. We met tourist from abroad. Firstly that we done was made a chatting with tourist from England, we introduced our selves and than we asked about his name, his name was Abdul Aziz he had been lived here for long time. We talked about education, experience, and joke. Second tourist those we met was couple and their child from Australia. Their name were Alex, Maria and their child Exel. We talked about our school, education. Then we took picture together. The last tourist was couple from French. Their name were Jhons and Rose. Their were very pleasure made chatting with us. We talked about education and his job. We had been here staying for two hours. The time was 12.15 AM we did middle prayer at Sanur mosque.

After that we continued our trip to Kuta beach. Before looking for a abroad tourist we enjoyed amazing white sand and amazing wave at Kuta beach. At that time we met abroad tourist, he was a Sweden. His name was Marcel. We talked about food, education, hotel, also we asked his opinion about unique traditional and culture, he told that he was been lived here for a month but he can’t speak Indonesia well. Kuta beach the last object that we visited. The time was 16.00 PM so we went home. We also shopping souvenir at traditional market in Bedugul. We arrived at 20.00 PM. The conclusion from English weekend program is very usefull for us because we can practice our skill of language, we get unforgettable experience and also get exciting vacation. We hope this program can be done every year.


Madrasah Aliyah Negeri (MAN) Buleleng adalah Sekolah Menengah Umum (SMU) yang berciri khas Islam, yang berada dibawah naungan Kementerian Agama Republik Indonesia.
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